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The intent of the NBDA website is to provide to all of its users (partners, collaborators and members) access to its array of meetings, reports, educational materials, products and services that inform and/or drive the development/assemble of NBDA Standards for systems-based biomarker research and development.  

All users of the NBDA website are responsible for the use of any information from the site and the NBDA is not responsible for any misuse of such information to include any claims or losses from such actions.  

The NBDA makes every effort to ensure that all information on its website is accurate and complete, but does not warrant its timeliness, accuracy or thoroughness, nor does it warrant the appropriateness of the information for a specific application.  

The NBDA will frequently feature links to internet sites for a number of purposes.  NBDA will take every precaution to recommend links that are of high quality, but is not responsible for information, privacy and other policies or any content on such websites.  

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All material on the NBDA website, www.nbdabiomarkers.org. is protected under U.S. copyright law. Material may be downloaded for (non-commercial use with a statement that identifies the source as NBDA and indicates that the information/graphics are protected by copyright law.  Reprinting documents (whole or selected text) is not permitted unless written consent is granted by the NBDA.  You may not translate NBDA information into other languages without written permission from the NBDA.

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