NBDA Standards*

One of the NBDA’s major goals is to assemble and/or create the "standards" required for systems-based end-to-end biomarker development.   The term “standards” is used routinely by the NBDA to include: best practices, guidelines, standard operating procedures, qualified existing standards and other approaches that if applied will serve to enable the development of clinically important biomarkers.  The NBDA will work collaboratively with networks of organizations and individuals in the relevant biomarker communities to both develop needed standards, and the NBDA will also work with these same communities in education initiatives to facilitate adoption.  NBDA Standards will be published on this website as they emerge.  The NBDA will also make the results of its efforts in biomarker standards development available to the FDA and international regulators and to the College of American pathology (CAP).

*NBDA Standards includes but is not limited to: “official existing standards”, guidelines, principles, standard operating procedures (SOP), and best practices.