Randy Nelson, Ph.D.

Director, Molecular Biomarkers Laboratory
The Biodesign Institute
Arizona State University

Dr. Nelson directs the Molecular Biomarkers Laboratory (MBL) at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, and also holds the positions of Research Professor in the Biodesign and Affiliate Professor in the Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The Mission of the MBL is to “Improve human health through the greater understanding of protein behavior in healthy and disease populations”. To this end, the laboratory applies advanced mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA_ technologies in the discovery and validation of changes in protein microheterogeneity related to disease (packaged as biosignatures), and translates these technologies and findings deeper into industry by establishing collaborative relationships. Dr. Nelson’s research is currently focused on understanding changes in biosignatures as an individual transits from healthy – to – type 2 diabetes (T2D) – to cardiovascular disease (CVD); research that is directed at integrating biosignatures into (T2D/CVD) drug discovery and is undertaken as part of a research network including the Veterans Administration, the University of Arizona and pharmaceutical strategic partners such as Pfizer Inc.
Dr. Nelson received his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from ASU in 1990, and has published >110 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and given >100 invited talks at national and international conferences, all regarding biological mass spectrometry and biomarker development/translation. He is inventor or co-inventor on 33 issued and 10 pending patents covering mass spectrometric technologies/methods and protein biosignatures related to disease. Prior to coming to the Biodesign Institute, Dr. Nelson founded and served as President and CEO of Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc., a biotechnology startup company in Tempe, AZ that specialized in MSIA technologies applied in biomarker development, which was recently (2011) acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO). Presently, he consults or collaborates with TMO, SimulTOF Systems, Pfizer Inc. and Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp).