Patrick C. Roche, Ph.D.

Vice President; Head, Biomarker Strategy
Translational Diagnostics, Ventana Medical Systems

Patrick Roche, PhD is Vice President of Translational Diagnostics at Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona.  He joined Ventana in August 2002 to lead the Reagent Product Development Team, launching more than thirty In Vitro Diagnostic products, comprising a portfolio of rabbit monoclonal antibodies, an immunohistochemistry panel to evaluate breast cancer, and a series of detection chemistries including enzyme metallography. During his tenure as head of Reagent Development, Dr. Roche established a GMP core facility for production of monoclonal antibodies, cell line controls, and enzyme-antibody conjugates. He also supervised the formation and recruitment for Ventana’s Clinical Affairs and Biostatistics Division.

In August 2008, Dr. Roche moved into Ventana’s Translational Diagnostics Division as Head of Scientific Affairs and Biomarker Strategy. Currently, he interfaces with pharmaceutical partners in their development of targeted cancer therapeutics, facilitating the transition of biomarkers into companion diagnostics.

Prior to his move to Tucson, Dr. Roche spent twenty years in Rochester, Minnesota serving as Director of the Immunohistochemistry Clinical Laboratory and Associate Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry-Molecular Biology for the Mayo Clinic. He also maintained NIH/NCI supported research in reproductive endocrinology and early detection/diagnosis of breast cancer, served as the director of the Tissue Acquisition Core for the Mayo Cancer Center and was chair of Translational Research for the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG).  He was a member of the CAP Immunohistochemistry Committee for ten years, and recently was an industry representative to the ASCO-CAP Committees on HER2 and ER/PR Testing.  Dr. Roche has co-authored more than 115 peer-reviewed publications.