Mollie Roth, JD, LLM

Consultant, NBDA, and Managing Partner,PGx Consulting

Ms. Roth is the Managing Partner of PGx Consulting, which provides bespoke business services to growing life sciences and biotech companies, with a specialty in the personalized medicine space. An attorney by training, She combines her expertise in business development, law and communications to provide highly customized, cost effective solutions to her clients.

Prior to the launch of PGx, Ms. Roth was Chief Operating Officer for an international personalized medicine consulting company, where she was responsible for day-to-day operations as well as overseeing the strategic development and execution of the company’s corporate and product plans, creation and execution of strategic marketing and communications plans, direction of the strategic and operational leadership of business development and sales efforts as well as leading the company’s thought leadership in the personalized medicine space.

She was previously an attorney in private practice focused on patent and product liability litigation on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.