J. Carl Barrett, Ph.D.

V.P. of Translational Science in Oncology

Dr. Carl Barrett is Vice President of Translational Science in the Oncology Innovative Medicines Unit at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. His responsibility is to develop and execute biomarker strategy and translational sciences efforts to support compound development from research through early and full development in oncology. Previously, he was Global Head of Oncology Biomarkers and Imaging in Novartis Oncology Translational Medicine.  Prior to joining Novartis, Dr. Barrett was the founding Director of the NCI Center for Cancer Research. Prior to joining NCI, Dr. Barrett was the Scientific Director at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences where his efforts focused on integrating new approaches to toxicology by utilization of molecular approaches of toxicogenomics, molecular toxicology, and the Environmental Genome Project.  He received his Ph.D. degree in Biophysical Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University, has published over 600 research articles, and is a member of the Johns Hopkins University Society of Scholars, the Ramazini Foundation, an honorary member of the Japanese Cancer Association. His most significant accomplishment was the cloning of the BRCA1 gene at NIH and participating at AZ in the development of Olaparib for these women.