Anahita Bhathena, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Cancer Biomarkers
Oncology Discovery, AbbVie

Dr. Anahita Bhathena is an Associate Director of Cancer Biomarkers for AbbVie Prior to the spin out of AbbVie from Abbott, who led the Tumor Genomics and Cancer Biomarkers groups, with responsibility for developing and implementing biomarker and personalized medicine strategies to increase the probability of success of the oncology pipeline. She also led a number of external academic and industry collaborations pertaining to pharmacogenetic and biomarker research.   Prior to her role in Cancer Research Anahita was Group Leader for the Pharmacogenetics Department at Abbott with responsibility to provide pharmacogenetic support across therapeutic areas to understand and address the issues relating to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics variability in patient response.   Anahita received her Bachelor’s degree in Toxicology and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. Anahita trained as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Clinical Pharmacogenetics at the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where she worked on the pharmacogenetics of drug disposition. Anahita’s work focuses on incorporation of personalized medicine principles to improve the safe and effective use of therapeutics.  Her research investigates the underlying genetic and biochemical variability which affects drug response in patients.