Mission and Goals

Vision Statement:

To unite and integrate knowledge and expertise from all affected stakeholders through the creation of transparent and predictable processes that significantly improve the reliability, rate, and success of biomarker development and ultimately advance the realization of precision (personalized) medicine for all patients.


Collaboratively creating the NBDA Standards* required for end-to-end, evidence - based biomarker development to advance precision (personalized) medicine.

Strategic Goals:

  • To assemble and/or create consensus NBDA Standards*, guidelines, best practices, etc., and perform economic analysis where appropriate, at each stage of biomarker development.
  • To provide these enabling strategies through a public website, publications, educational videos, meetings, and other communication approaches.
  • To release recommendations, guidelines, best practices, data, workflows, and data through the NBDA website and other communication vehicles.
  • To work closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international regulators as appropriate to ensure that these advances flow into predictable regulatory pathways that are transparent to the affected communities.

*NBDA Standards includes but is not limited to: "official existing standards", guidelines, principles, standard operating procedures (SOP), and best practices.