NBDA Governance. The National Biomarker Development Alliance (NBDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The goal of NBDA leadership, beyond becoming a trusted third party where all stakeholders in the biomarker communities can work together, is to also ensure that the Alliance would receive robust fiduciary oversight, as well as access to the important resources and services needed to support the organization and its mission. In that regard, the ASU Foundation served as an ideal partner to organize the NBDA and will provide needed services in the future through the Research Collaboratory at ASU (RCASU). The NBDA was established officially on September 24, 2013, as initial members of the RCASU. NBDA’s governance and management will directly engage a Steering Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee. RCASU will serve as an Ex-Offico of the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee (SC): The NBDA Steering Committee serves as the management advisory board for the NBDA. Its members derive from the various communities invested and/or interested in enhancing the quality of biomarkers and the pace and ultimate success of their development. The SC advises management on the implementation of NBDA’s strategic and resource plans, assists management in setting priorities, reviews project performance, and provides support and leadership for fund raising and partnership development. The SC also reviews and advises management on major projects (e.g., NBDA-Partner demonstration projects), including budget requirements and deliverables.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC): The SAC serves as the chief advisory group for NBDA leadership relative to scientific and technical issues and questions in all phases of biomarker discovery and development. This group plays a key role in determining workshop needs in the biomarker development areas targeted by the NBDA; prioritizes and makes specific recommendations for solutions-oriented actions from workshops and other sources (including, but not limited to, demonstration projects); and reviews results before publication and/or finalization of guidelines/standards/best practices, etc. The SAC is made up of experts that span the continuum of biomarker discovery and development, through clinical trials and regulatory science and policy.

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